Camera Strap Cover

I have been in LOVE with camera strap covers ever since the first time I saw one and even more so since I got my DSLR!

I have been eyeballing some over at SheyB, but I already had all the materials so I knew I had to give it a try.  Anyone that knows me, knows that the pink damask has my name all over it! (wink) and the fuzzy fabric is acutally from my daughters crib bumper that I made for her.  Now that she's in a big girl bed, I saved the fabric knowing I'd use it for something. 

And of course I didn't take any pictures while I was making it (I NEVER do, and regret it later when blogging) but here is the completed picture:

I really didn't plan on adding any embellishments, but it was too "naked" just as a cover.  So I rummaged through more of my stuff and came up with more fabirc, satin (for flowers) and beads.  I kinda added as I went along, because it was lopsided, and I am actually really happy with the way it tunrned out.

I have seen cute pockets for the lens cap, but because I didnt sew it into the seams, I didn't know how to add it on.  I wanted to embroider my initials or name or something, but just didn't like it at all.  So I sewed on elastic straps so that I could store the lens cover when I'm not using it, because I tend to lay it down somewhere and forget where that somewhere is...

I added a tag to "pretty up" the elastic and another fabric flower with a few beads.

I am so happy with it, probably because it damask and pink and black - LOVE!!!

I am so happy I finally have this, HOWEVER, I hated doing this project, and will probably never do it again!  I am happy that I didn't invest any money in it and had all the stuff already!!


  1. It. Is. SOOOOOO DANG CUTE!!! BEYOND CUTE!!! I'm so sad you don't want to make another one because I was totally going to ask you to make me one!!! :( I've been eyeballing them on Etsy too. I'm working on Lillian's Easter dress and was going to make an apron or something like that for myself with the remnants... but maybe I'll make one of these. Unless it's super hard. What do you think? Was it a total pain? Did you make your own pattern?

  2. It wasn't hard at all, and I didn't make a patter. I just didn't plan ahead, so I was adding stuff after the seams were already sewn, and because of the fluffyness of the fabric, it couldn't just unstitch it very easily. You can totally do it, I know you can!