Valentines Day Banner

I have seen all these ADORABLE Valentines banners all over, and just had to make one for myself!!

SO I dug through my paper drawer and came across old work cards (that I knew I woud use someday) and sliced and diced

 Next, I dug through the scrapbook paper that I had on hand, and came up with these... I guess I could hace made a trip to Jo-Anns, but I didn't want to spend the money and I also wanted the banner done, um, NOW!

I cut the edges to add some interest to each piece and layered them and added some flowers and bling, afterall, who doesn't like bling?!

Then I measured how big I wanted the letters and cut them out in vinyl...

Tied each card together with ribbon, and added a bit between to jazz it up a bit, and then hung it up!

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