Pumpkin Topiaries

I am in love with topiaries, if I could, I would have them all over the house, but I know less is more.

I have seen a couple of pumpkin topiaries online and decided to give it a try myself.

First I started with pumpkins, on sale and then had an extra 15% off coupon on top of that (yay!).

I cut holes through the top and bottom of the larger two and just the bottom of the smallest one.  I used a drywall knife, it worked pretty good.  However, whenever you are cutting styrofoam it's really messy.  So I had my vacuum right next to me, before anyone ate it, or I should say my dog!

Next I found a scrap piece of pvc pipe in the garage and measured the height in the pots that I wanted them in and cut it down.

Then I put the pumpkins on and spaced them apart evenly.  I added a little gorilla glue to keep them set on the pipe.

I used some left over fall vine and cut it down to 4 peices and wrapped it around the pvc pipe in between the pumpkins to hide the pipe.  I also dabbed a little glue there too, to keep it in place. 

Once it was all dry, I took them outside and used (a ton) of newspapers to keep it standing in the pot.  If I had actually planted something in them I would have dirt, but because its a west facing house and the sun is killer in AZ, everything just dies, so I stick to plastic plants to look nice and last a little longer.

And here is the finished product!

 (yes, I know you can't see the left one, we are doing a major trim on the yard this weekend)

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