Matching office decor

I love to display invitations, cards, pictures, etc.  I have been looking for a really cute memo board for a while finally decided to make my own. 

I picked a really pretty frame from Michaels (with a coupon of course), used the back board and covered it with batting and fabric that matched the curtains in the room.  I then bought the trim to do the straps (which I still need to get posts to mount in place).  I screwed the back into the wood part of the frame and then hung it up.

Next I wanted a nice wipe off board, and of course it has to match, because I have a small OCD with things matching - forgive me!  So I went back to Michaels again, got a smaller version of the same frame.  I wrapped the back board in the same fabric and then cut vinyl in a calendar format in "mirror" so that when I applied it to the back of the glass it would be the facing the right way when I hung up the frame.  I again screwed the backboard into the wood part of the frame and then, voila - I have a "not so typical" wipe-off calendar board!

Now I have been wanting to make a chores chart, and when I saw this posted on Sassy Sites, my mind started turning....  So I again, go a matching frame, wrapped the back in the same matching fabric, and cut vinyl in the kids daily chore list.  Everyday the kids get a star next to thier list and at the end of the week, we add it up and they get a treat or a special prize depending on what they have done, or need to work on. 

I also added a backpack hanger right below, so no more backpack over the back of the dining room chair, or office chair, and no more mornings, of asking where is your backpack, we know exactly where to get it.

Here is a closer look at the chore chart:

 And here's a look at the curtains that started all the "matchy-matchy"

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