Baby Formula can redo

I did these about 3 years ago, by cutting each letter out with my cricut (the very first model) and mod podged each letter on.  Oh, if I had only had a vinyl connection back then.... I would have saved a lot of mess and sticky fingers! 

Every time we had an empty formula can, I would save it, and think, "I can do something with this someday".  Yes, yes, I know, that is how hoarders start out, but, at least I did do something with each one.  I finally had enough to fill one shelf, then I bought another and was scared that I wouldn't have enough to fill the next.  Luckily, we kept my daughter on formula an extra month, for the transition and so that I could have the last container for my shelves.

I started out by spray paiting each container, then I cut each letter out and one by one, mod podged what the contents were.  I never finished, because back then they weren't all filled and now some of the fillings aren't even what is inside.  I hope to someday sand off each letter and redo the containers, but we will see if that ever happens!

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