Sneak Peek of Master Re-Do

Things are FOREVER changing around here, and finally my husband is getting used to it!

Usually I am happy with a project until I see something I want to add ot tweak a little, but in this case, I have HATED this wall color since the second we put it on (6 years ago!).  But I was 7 months pregnant, and decided to settle and unfortunately I never re-did it, because I was focusing on the kids rooms.

Until this weekend!! (WooHoo!), all sports were cancelled and therefore we had a full day of no plans, so I took over and decided we finally paint the wall that I have always hated so much!

Now I know you can hardly tell a difference, but believe me there is.  The old paint had a very red base, and the brown was a very orange-ish color in the sunlight.  The new paint has more of a green base and doesn't clash so much with the red in the furniture.

(Before:  reddish brown, patched up holes, just blah)

(After: greenish brown, no more patches, and gold shimmer decals)

I was finally able to put on the damask decor!  I didn't want to over do it because the comforter has a lot of gold, but I am actually very happy with the turnout.

I will post pics of the rest of the room as I finish it, I have a couple of to add.  But I am so happy to say I finally am very happy going to bed now, I just LOVE it!

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