Peep shirt

My younger son Ryan was given a stuffed yellow Peep on his first Easter, and he was in LOVE!!  He soon stole his brothers blue Peep and claimed it for his own too.  The next Easter a friend of mine told me that LNT had them for sale, so I quickly went and bought 2 more, one of each color for backups.  Only he found out about the backups and carried 4, yes all 4 peeps everywhere, often making 2 or 3 trips up and down the stairs to get them all.  After Easter, I went back to LNT and bought 4 more (of course they were 75% then) so now we had 8 total.  I figured 4 at a time was more than enough.... But he had other plans.  Once he knew there was 8, sure enough, he was carrying around all 8 peeps with him. 

Here is a picture I snapped of him once, when he fell asleep, each Peep was strategically placed under him, too funny!!  And his favorite yellow one on top...


Of course, naturally I had to make him a "where's my peeps?" shirt...  it has more of a personal meaning than a funny one!

And on the back a silhouette of each of his Peeps!

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  1. That is so cute! What a fun shirt for him! Too funny that he carried all those around :)