Sweetheart Conversation Candies Topiary

I LOVE topiaries and could have them all over, and as much as I have seen the rose one and love them, I wanted something a little different....

Take a styrophoam ball, paint it a base color, because all of your hearts will not touch and you will need a color to hide the white.

Make sure you have a lot of candies, I did one ball and decided to add another, but only after I gave all my leftovers to the kids.  I had to wait to finish the project after I made a run to the store to get more, only to find out when I got home that they are thicker than the rest... Oh well, you can't see the back and most probably wouldn't notice anyway, but I do!

Glue, glue and glue some more!

I found that doing 2-3 at the most worked so that the glue didn't dry too fast.

Add some filling in the bottom and glue the stick in place, add decorative paper and you are done!! 

(I had to make sure I had it high, so that little fingers aren't tempted to nibble on any)

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